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This September Celia will be teaching an eight week class in speculative fiction for the Writer’s Center. It’s online, so anyone can join, and it will focus on the special skills needed to write fantasy and science fiction.

Students will get personal critiques from Celia on both short writing exercises and long term projects, as well as participating in peer critique discussions. By the end of the class each student will have written and polished a short story that is suitable for submission to a genre publication.

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If there was an alien artifact that could bring peace and prosperity to all humankind, would you really want to bring it home?

I don’t write many short stories, but this one’s coming out this summer, in the anthology Alien Artifacts, and I’m very excited about it.

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Authorview: Celia S. Friedman

Authorview: Celia S. Friedman

From a recent conversation with Kerstin Hall:

“A lot of details are never seen by readers,” [Friedman] says. “Sometimes I come up with details that I intend to put into my books, but more often I develop ideas to flesh out my world and make it feel real, that never are directly relevant to the plot.”

For example…

“In the Dreamwalker series there are small hominids known as “abbies” that serves as slaves. I doubt my main characters will ever find out where that name is from, or who brought them to Terra Prime, or other details of the local slave market…but I need to know all that to keep the story consistent.” read more…


Just turned in the final draft for DREAMSEEKER, volume 2 in the Dreamwalker Trilogy. Yes, it turned out to be a trilogy! Though I considered making it a longer series, I decided my readers deserved an ending in less time than that. Volume 2 ups the ante on darkness, features the young Shadow Isaac as a main character, and should blow away the “second book of a trilogy” curse. Jesse’s dreamwalking powers are front and center, with some wonderful (and disturbing) dream manipulations. Coming in July to a bookstore near you.

Will post excerpts soon.

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