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Author Chat with iWizard

Author Chat with iWizard

Celia and Nikki discuss building the beautiful world of Erna from The Coldfire Trilogy, Celia’s sources of inspiration, the “vampire” Gerald Tarrant, her latest Coldfire novel NIGHTBORN, her future plans, and much more!

Coldfire Listed Among Best Series on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

Coldfire Listed Among Best Series on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

Coldfire has been listed as one of the best fantasy series ever on Fantasy Hotlist.

“A dark fantasy masterpiece! If there was such a thing as a fantasy Hall of Fame, Gerald Tarrant would be part of it. It’s been nearly three decades since Black Sun Rising was published and the Coldfire trilogy remains one of the very best dark fantasy series to ever see the light.”

View the full “best of” list at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist.

Interview With Paul Semel

Out of This World SFF Review

Great review for Nightborn!

“NIGHTBORN: COLDFIRE RISING is the perfect segue into the larger series and answered all of those nagging questions I had with regard to the origins of the colonization of the enigmatic planet of Erna. This was always a trilogy that begged for a prequel in my opinion and Friedman has written one that is about as perfect as you could ask for. This prequel gives the reader a front row seat as the first settlers of Erna begin to realize that the planet they all thought might be ideal for colonization slowly reveals that it is anything but.”

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Coldfire Merchandise

Coldfire Merchandise


A Coldfire Journal is available in paperback and hardcover.  It’s a beautiful 6” X 9”notebook with decorative borders on lined pages, a front cover featuring Jon Goff’s rendering of Tarrant’s coldfire sword absorbing the earth-fae, and a quote from Gerald Tarrant on the back.  You can get it in my store, or from

You can also buy Coldfire mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, tote bags, and many other items on Redbubble, celebrating the beauty of the earth-fae, chilling quotes from Tarrant, and Core rising over Erna. There are also dragons and vintage fashion items, because, why not?

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