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The Blood Sacrifice Complex

The Blood Sacrifice Complex

Celia has reprinted a classic work on human sacrifice and cannibalism, THE BLOOD SACRIFICE COMPLEX. It’s a great resource for world-builders, discussing the reasons such practices appear and what kinds of societies support them, but it was impossible to find a copy of, so she has produced one. The paperback can be ordered from Amazon.


Escape the Chaos of 2020

Woo hoo!  THIS VIRTUAL NIGHT has been listed as one of Newsweek’s 25 Must-Read Fiction and Non-Fiction Books to Escape the Chaos of 2020. Check out the awesome review:

Master of science fiction Friedman will satisfy your cravings for all things space-opera in this second Alien Shores novel, packed with action and imagined worlds and filled to the brim with sparkling detail.

Starred Review

Check out this starred review from Publisher’s Weekly, for THIS VIRTUAL NIGHT:

Publisher’s Weekly
“The long-awaited second entry in Friedman’s Outworlds series (after 1998’s This Alien Shore) will only whet the appetites of hard sci-fi fans for more adventures set in Friedman’s expertly rendered vision of the future. Centuries prior, a major technological breakthrough, the Hausman Drive, enabled humans to colonize the universe, but the development came with a steep price, as the drive altered the DNA of all those who used it, leading them to have mutated offspring who appear inhuman. Earth cut off all contact with these Variant colonists, but now a new method of travel into deep space offers the possibility of reunification for humankind. Against this backdrop, a mysterious explosion on Harmony Station disables the station’s life support system and kills two players of Dragonslayer, a virtual reality game. Suspicions of sabotage lead two very different characters to investigate: Micah Bello, Dragonslayer’s designer, fears he will be falsely accused of planting malware within the game and seeks to clear his name, and mercenary Ru Gaya is hired to look into an abandoned research station which may be linked to the explosion. Friedman perfectly balances action and characterization while keeping up a page-turning pace. Readers won’t want to put this one down.”

New Covers

Just saw the cover for THIS VIRTUAL NIGHT.  Very modern and dramatic. As this is now turning into a series, DAW also designed a new cover for THIS ALIEN SHORE, in the same style.  I love them both!  Future books in the Outworlds universe will match.

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