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White Wolf Games Studio Paperback

ISBN – 0756407486
February 1, 2000

The Erciyes Fragments

White Wolf – 1999
ISBN: 1565042972
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This is a soucebook for White Wolf’s roleplaying game, Vampire: the Masquerade. The Erciyes Fragments is the Book of Nod from Caine’s point of view. The text is in manuscript form with learned scribblings in the margins (compliments of the various methuselahs who have come across it down through the ages).

“While this book was intended for players familiar with the White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting, some non-players have reported they enjoyed it. The Book of Nod is the legendary “bible” of the vampires, telling of their origin as the result of a biblical spat with God, outlining the parameters of their curse, and providing prophecies of horrors to come. This version was written by the first of all vampires, who has a small problem with megalomania and envisions himself as a rival to God. You see where it got him.

(Maybe if he hadn’t killed his brother, White Wolf would have given his book a title that people could pronounce)” – C.S. Friedman