IN CONQUEST BORN, Anniversary Edition (2001), First Edition (Signed)

Braxi and Azea-two interstellar civilizations fighting an endless war over a long-forgotten cause; two peoples descended from the human species and bred over countless generations to embody opposing ideals, seeking opposite paths to power.

The Braxaná-dominant tribe of the fierce Braxin Holding-are brilliant, powerful, and aloof from the society they rule. They were bred by their primitive forebears to be aggressive, competitive, and secretive beyond all prior human norms. The mysteries of their internal society are legendary even among the people they rule.

The Azeans-masters of genetic science-have redesigned their own race to reflect ancient ideals. Now they seek to unlock the powers of the human mind, using telepathy to penetrate where mere weapons cannot.

But Zatar and Anzha-master Braxaná and Azean generals-have exceeded all genetic expectations of their opposed cultures, and have made this endless war a personal vendetta. Who can say what will happen when these ultimate warriors use every power of mind and body to claim the vengeance of total conquest?

NOTE: The Anniversary edition includes a detailed glossary.

CONDITION: New. Paperback, first printing of the Anniversary edition

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