The Dreamwalker Chronicles

Once again, C.S. Friedman shows us strong characters and innovative magic that transcend genre.

Best-selling Author

Friedman demonstrates once again her talent for populating worlds with unforgettable characters.

Starred Review

The Magister Trilogy

“Powerful, intricate plotting and gripping characters distinguish a book in which ethical dilemmas are essential and engrossing.”


The Coldfire Trilogy

This thing is so good I’m going to have to hurt her.


A feast for those who like their fantasies dark, and as emotionally heady as a rich, red wine.



C. S. Friedman makes fantastic things—and frightening things—seem very real. Her characters are people, not just place-holders, and the worlds she creates are as tangible as a live feed from the battlefront or a crash-landing in a savage and unfamiliar wilderness.


The Madness Season

She also writes bright, clear prose that can shine like gemstones or cut like broken glass. If you haven’t read her work you need to do something about that right now.


This Alien Shore

Friedman has created a potent metaphor for the tolerance of diversity – an ever-evolving society where the ‘genes of wild genius’ are acknowledged as necessary for survival…Breathlessly plotted, emotionally savvy.

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

Perfect Day makes the big time

My story Perfect Day will be included in Hartwell’s Year’s Best Science Fiction for 2012.  So for all of you who missed the magazine debut and want a dead tree copy, it’s on its way….

And the blog is launched….

I often tell folks that in order to write you have to be willing to reject your own work. Sometimes what you’ve written just isn’t right for a project, and you have to let it go.

Today I was tested on that point, as I had to throw out two chapters of Dreamseekers.  It was really frustrating, since I’m within weeks of needing to finish this thing, but they just weren’t what the book needed.  POV was just all wrong.  AARRRRGH

It Has a Name! (and a pub date)

My next novel will be called Dreamwalker, and is due out in Febrary 2014. Which means I’ll have to keep feeding y’all excerpts till then, so stay tuned!

Dreamseeker IV: Shadowlords

(Advice from the Green Man:)

“The Shadowlords are insane. Never forget that.  Their Gift is handed down from person to person, and it carries with it all the memories of those who possessed it in the past.  All their prejudices and obsessions, their hatreds and fears and uncertainties, melded to the brain of one who was born and bred for such a process, and who has been told from childhood that he must submit to it…think what that would do to a man!” He looked up toward the mansion high above us.  “I’ve been told that some become lost in the process and that they wander places like this in a haze, unable to fix on a single identity, or even a single time frame.  Others appear to be more rational. But even with the latter, there’s still madness at the core of them.  Dozens of ancestral voices clamoring inside their heads every waking moment, each one derived from a Shadow who was himself insane.  Madness layered upon madness, all of it trapped within a soul that must walk the borderline between life and death, committed to neither…

“Never forget what they are,” he warned us.  “Never forget that no matter how human they may appear to be, they ceased to be that long ago.”

Coldfire in the UK!

You asked for it, we listened: Orbit will be producing an e-book version of the Coldfire Trilogy for readers in the UK.  No date yet, but I’ll post it when I have it.

Perfect Day

‘Perfect Day’ first appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March/April 2012 issue.


When Stanley Betterman awoke Monday morning he didn’t know that everyone else in the world was naked.

His own pajamas were securely in place when his brainware buzzed his neural centers, cutting short a particularly nice dream about falling mortgage rates. The striped cotton might have looked a little more greenish than usual as he staggered to the bathroom, but his Color My World app always took a little while to get up to speed in the morning. Otherwise, there was no sign that anything was wrong.Read More