Legacy of Kings in Paperback

DAW Books – 2012
ISBN: 0756407483
(Mass Market Edition)
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Legacy of Kings, the final volume of The Magister Trilogy, will be released in mass market paperback on Sept. 4, offering readers the chance at last to complete the trilogy with matching Palencar covers.

In April 2011, Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist posted a review of Legacy of Kings. Below is a teaser. Pat previously reviewed Feast of Souls and Wings of Wrath and interviewed Celia in 2007 and again in 2009. Links to those reviews and interviews can be found below.

Okay, label me baffled. Thoroughly so. . .

To my uttermost dismay, C. S. Friedman’s The Magister trilogy remains one of the genre’s best-kept secrets. How the heck a quality series by the bestselling writer who brought us the fan-favorite The Coldfire trilogy could remain so underrated for the last couple of years, I think I’ll never know.

And yet, for some reason, both Feast of Souls and Wings of Wrath flew so low under the radar that it appears that no one but a selected few have read these novels. Problem is, this is Celia S. Friedman writing at the top of her game. Indeed, the first two installments of series raised the bar to such heights that I felt that, should the final volume live up to my lofty expectations, we might soon refer to The Coldfire trilogy as the author’s other fantasy series.

Question was, could Legacy of Kings possibly live up to the promise shown by its two predecessors? Well, let me just tell you that Friedman not only delivered, she hit this one right out of the park. Hands down, Legacy of Kings is definitely one of the best speculative fiction titles of the year! The author brings this series to a close with panache, demonstrating yet again that she deserves her place among the most talented — and underestimated — fantasy authors writing today.

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