Trick or Treat

Celebrate, young ones
Safe in the night
What is the past to you?
Costumes and makeup
Candy delight
Meaning enough for youth.

Never mind darkness
Never mind death
Never mind Winter’s wrath
It’s just a party
Only a game
Played along lighted paths.

Once there were demons
Coursing the night
Drawn by the evening’s fire
Once there were spirits
Fragile and dim
Nameless in their desire

Once there were deities
Summoned with song
Hungry and dark and cold
Once there was chanting
Once there was blood
Gateway to places old.

Sing of them now, child
Call to the dead
Welcome them with your song
Words are remembered
If meaning forgot
Power unnamed, but strong.

Paint your mask scarlet
Laugh at the fear
Dance in the pumpkin’s glare
Customs eternal
Sacrifice made
Call to them… if you dare.