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Tridac Publishing Paperback

ISBN – 173716194X
August 2, 2021

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Tridac Publishing – 2011
ISBN: 173716194X
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Four hundred years after mankind’s arrival on Erna, the undead sorcerer Gerald Tarrant travels north in search of a legend. For it is rumored there is a forest where the fae has become so powerful that it devours all who enter it, and he means to test its power.

This novella prequel to C.S. Friedman’s bestselling Coldfire Trilogy offers fans of the series a tale of Tarrant’s secret history, while new readers will enjoy a chilling introduction to one of High Fantasy’s most fascinating–and deadly–worlds.

Fantasy Book Critic

“C.S Friedman’s Dominion is nothing short of a brilliant way to get new readers exposed to her seminal trilogy and other works. Do yourself a favor and read this novella if you are looking for dark fantasy and a protagonist who is quite simply the perfect embodiment of an antihero. Dominion is a must read for all fans of the darker turn of the fictional worlds, so go meet the Neocount and be prepared to amazed.”