Dreamseeker IV: Shadowlords

by csfriedman on January 19, 2013 in Excerpts

(Advice from the Green Man:)

“The Shadowlords are insane. Never forget that.  Their Gift is handed down from person to person, and it carries with it all the memories of those who possessed it in the past.  All their prejudices and obsessions, their hatreds and fears and uncertainties, melded to the brain of one who was born and bred for such a process, and who has been told from childhood that he must submit to it…think what that would do to a man!” He looked up toward the mansion high above us.  “I’ve been told that some become lost in the process and that they wander places like this in a haze, unable to fix on a single identity, or even a single time frame.   Read more

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Dreamseeker: Excerpt III

by csfriedman on January 2, 2013 in Excerpts

There was a pteradactyl sitting on my chest.

Not a big one.  Parrot-sized.  It had its head turned to one side so that its little black eye could stare at me, and there was no mistaking the profile.

A pteradactyl.

“Ah. You’re awake.”  A man’s voice filtered into my awareness.  I tried to turn my head toward him, but the motion hurt.  Everything hurt.

“Here”, he said, to someone other than me. “I saved one for you.”

A small fish came flying in my direction.  The  pteradactyl reached up and snapped it out of the air.   One gulp later it was gone. Read more


Dreamseeker: Excerpt II

by csfriedman on February 9, 2012 in Excerpts

The skinny man walked through the halls of the Shadows’ citadel with catlike tread: toe-balanced, silent. His features were lean and angular and his eyes were focused straight ahead with predatory intensity, unblinking. The scents of the forest clung to his skin and trailed in his wake down the hallway: pine trees, musk, and decay. They seemed to be natural scents, rather than something acquired.

A person who crossed his path at that moment might have jumped back in fright, sensing the animal essence in him before the human essence was apparent. Such a reaction would not be wholly inappropriate, or unwise.

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Dreamseeker: Excerpt I

by csfriedman on February 8, 2012 in Excerpts

Standing by the side of the road, the deer was all but invisible. A sharp outcropping of rock shielded it from the view of the cars heading north, and the ones heading south were too busy concentrating on driving to be looking for wildlife. This close to the river driving could be treacherous, and one wrong move coming around the sharp turn on the mountainside could send a car hurtling down to the river.Had anyone stopped to look at the deer they might have wondered at its presence there. Sandwiched between a steady stream of cars and the jagged cliff face it barely had room to stand. Read more


Legacy of Kings

by csfriedman on January 1, 2011 in Excerpts

He opened his mouth to answer the High King’s question — to tell him that this place was a mystery to him as well — when suddenly he felt it. A sound just beyond the threshold of hearing, that resonated silently in his flesh. A tremor in the fabric of the universe, that set reality to vibrating like a plucked harp string. Looking over at Ramirus, he could see from the expression on the other Magister’s face that he had felt it, to.. None of the other seemed to. Not even the witches.

Which could mean only one thing.

“She’s coming,” he whispered.

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Feast of Souls

by csfriedman on January 1, 2007 in Excerpts

Imnea knew when she awoke that Death was waiting for her.

She had been seeing the signs of his presence for some time now. A chill breeze in the corners of the house that wouldn’t go away. Shadows that seeped in through the windows, that didn’t move with the light. The icy touch of a Presence upon her skin when she healed the Hardings’ little girl, that left her shuddering for hours afterwards.

The mirror revealed little. Of course. It wasn’t the way of witching folk to age and die like normal people. The fuel within them was consumed too quickly, like a stove in which all the winter’s wood had been placed at once.

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